Our Mission

BWC Productions commits people, creativity, and ideas to help our clients achieve their digital presence and business growth objectives.

Our track record of responsiveness, adaptability, and efficiency shows how we've always strived to:

Innovate - develop novel ideas, designs, and perspectives.

Impact - add value to our clients' operations.

Impress - craft dazzling, high-quality solutions.

Our Locations


Anthony Kao

Founder & Executive Director

Richard Yu

Executive Director

Tess Wu

Senior Associate

Lawrence Pan

Senior Associate



Founder Anthony Kao started off the BWC brandname in 2005 as an entertainment portal with the unabridged name “Black & White Cow”.

As you might’ve guessed, the cow in our logo is a throwback to those old times. We still love cows!


A couple years later, Anthony realized it’d be a lot more fun to put his skills to use helping other people.

He joined forces with fellow Executive Director Richard Yu and refashioned BWC into a web, graphic, and business consulting firm.


We’ve grown immensely since. In the past few years, we’ve helped clients like the Stanford School of Education and UN add value to their digital presences.

We’re constantly evolving in tandem with innovation - and we’d love to help you do the same.

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